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Chip Flowers State Treasurer - Standing Up for a Brighter Future
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Standing Up For A Brighter Future

Chipman L. Flowers, Jr. Esq.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as Delaware State Treasurer & Co-Chair of the National Democratic State Treasurers! By standing up for a brighter future, we achieved numerous accomplishments through innovative ideas, including protecting our state’s $2 billion investment portfolio and increasing it by over $50 million during a challenging economic climate. Your treasury had positive returns 31 out of 38 months! With your help and support, we achieved over 35 major accomplishments during my first term in office, which has made our office one of the most accomplished in state government!

My commitment to public service is strong. During my time in office, I donated my entire first year salary to fund an internship for two Delawareans to engage in public service. As a small business owner with a background in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and law, I truly believe that public service remains a noble profession.

I appreciate you taking time to visit this website to learn more about my campaign, and more importantly, the actions that have improved the finances of the First State. As always, our campaign will be positive and focus on the ideas that has enabled your treasury to meet the challenges of the 21st century. If you wish to visit the official website of the Delaware State Treasury, please click here. To view the Delaware Economic Index, please click here.

Again, thank you and I remain humbled by your continued support. Together, by standing up for ideas and innovation, we can ensure a brighter future for Delaware!


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